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Yoga may help your heartbeat


A new study at the University of Kansas says that yoga can help with a common form of heart arrhythmia.


Gustavo Caballero

A new study shows yoga can help with an irregular heartbeat.

Researchers at the University of Kansas found that people with a particular heart rhythm problem saw a reduction in their symptoms while practicing yoga.

The study looked at 52 patients with a condition known as persistent paroxysmal AF, a recurrent form of arrhythmia, said HealthDay.

Atrial fibrillation (AF) occurs when the heart's upper chamber shakes instead of contracting normally, reported Forbes

The participants did yoga for three months during the study.

The patients saw a significant reduction in the recurrences of the heart episodes.

About 20 percent of those who had an episode in the control period had no episode while practicing yoga, said HealthDay.

"These findings underscore the therapeutic value of a low-cost non-invasive therapy such as yoga to effectively complement the conventional treatment strategies in improving atrial fibrillation patient care," wrote the study authors, according to MedPage Today.

"Given the high prevalence of [the condition] and costs of conventional therapy, the public health relevance of these findings is very pertinent."

Yoga can have relaxing effects on the nervous system.

It can also lower the heart rate and reduce blood pressure.

The findings were published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.