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Monkeys attack village in Indonesia


This rare motion-sensor camera snapshot of a snub-nosed Burmese monkey, assumed extinct, was circulated by the group Flora and Fauna International.



A pack of wild monkeys entered an Indonesian village and forced themselves into people's homes, The Jakarta Post reported

The group of 10 monkeys then attacked residents. Seven people were injured, and one person is in critical condition, the Associated Press reported

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The animals came from a nearby forest that is protected by a local tribe, the AP said. It's still not clear why the monkeys attacked, as they are usually afraid of humans.

Incidents like this aren't entirely rare. In May, the New York Times reported that the monkey population of Delhi has become so huge and aggressive that it is common for the monkeys to mug and attack people. They got that way from being fed regularly by people, as Hindu tradition calls for feeding monkeys twice a week.