Detroit freeway pileup: 2 children, 1 adult killed (VIDEO)


A mile-long pileup on Detroit's I-75 killed two children and one adult.


Detroit Free Press

A pileup that spanned over a mile on a Detroit freeway has killed at least three — two children and one adult.

According to the Associated Press, the children killed during the multiple crashes on Interstate 75 were a 7-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl.

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At least 13 were sent to hospitals for treatment, while others were treated at the scene.

"It was probably eight to 10 separate crashes involved in the one crash," Lt. Michael Shaw, a Michigan State Police spokesman, told the Los Angeles Times. "There were probably 300 vehicles that were either trapped in crashes or pulled off or jackknifed."

NBC News reported that poor visibility and icy roads were present at the time of the pileup.

"It got real bad, real quick," Greg Galuszka of Brownstown Township told the Detroit Free Press. "It turned to ice real quick."

According to the Free Press, Shaw said the two children killed were from Windsor, a Canadian city that borders Detroit.

The adult killed was in a different vehicle. Another child is in critical condition.

No names have been released.

The AP noted that another pileup had occurred west of Indianapolis. It involved 40 vehicles and caused Interstate 70 to close.