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Model flashes genitals to Serbia's prime minister in reality show prank


Serbian Socialist leader Ivica Dacic enters his vehicle after his meeting with the Serbian President in Belgrade on June 28, 2012.



Hello, I'm a journalist and I'd like to interview you. Surprise! I'm not wearing any underpants. The joke's on you!

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic was the subject of a reality show prank that he also seems to have been the major beneficiary of.  

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Footage depicts a dramatic scene of a model in a short dress removing her underpants. In the next scene, she's pretending to be a journalist, interviewing Dacic. The prank occurs when she uncrosses her legs, "accidentally" flashing the PM her genitals, the Sun reported

He looks down and smiles. Hm. If you really want to tick off your Prime Minister, maybe flashing him doesn't work. Reality show footage is below: