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Women in Tahrir Square Fighting to Prevent Sexual Assaults, Becoming Victims Themselves


Anti-Mursi protesters shout slogans against Egypt's President Mohamed Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood during a rally at Tahrir Square in Cairo December 29, 2012. Egypt's opposition accused President Mohamed Mursi's Islamist allies of trying to muzzle dissent on Friday after prosecutors decided to investigate whether prominent government critics were guilty of sedition. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh



The renewed protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square have been followed by new reports of sexual violence against women there.

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Women have been organizing to combat these attacks, patrolling the square and rescuing fellow female protesters from violent situations.

But sometimes, the rescuers are being attacked themselves as they try to help.

Anchor, Marco Werman speaks with Salma el-Tarzi a member of Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment, a group of volunteers on the ground responding to the attacks on women in Tahrir Square.