Britain offers fresh humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees


Britain's Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening has pledged $28 million more in aid to Syria.


Matt Cardy

Britain has pledged $28 million in fresh aid for Syria's refugees, bringing their total contribution to the war-torn country to over $120 million. 

The flow of refugees from Syria to neighboring countries has been staggering, with 6,400 Syrians arriving in Jordan in the past 24 hours alone, BBC News reported

The funds will go towards winter clothing, food, and medicine for the influx of Syrians fleeing a brutal civil war between dictator Bashar Al-Assad and rebel fighters.

Half of the humanitarian aid will go to Jordan, which claims it is currently harboring over 300,000 Syrian refugees, according to the Independent

"Warm words won't provide the shelter and support that Syrian refugees need. Money will,"  said International Development Secretary Justine Greening in Mafraq, near Jordan's central Zaatari refugee camp, Agence France Presse reported

She also urged other countries to step up to bat as Britain has. 

"The UK and a handful of others have consistently led the way in responding to this crisis. But while a small number are doing a lot, the vast majority are still not doing enough. This is simply not acceptable and it has to change," Greening added. 

Greening also pointed a firm finger at Assad for the almost-two-year-long crisis, which has left 60,000 people dead and two million internally displaced, BBC reported. 

"This is a man-made crisis," Greening said, according to AFP. "That man is Assad."

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