US sending another $10 million in aid to Syria


Syrian refugee children eat in a tent at the Red Crescent camp in Boynuyogun, Turkey, near the Syrian border. The Boynuyogun camp holds some 2,000 Syrian refugees in 600 tents.



The US is preparing to send another $10 million to Syria for humanitarian assistance.

According to the Associated Press, the money is set to help alleviate hunger in northern parts of the country.

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State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said senior US aid and refugee officials visited refugee camps for Syrians in Turkey and spoke to Turkish officials, which led to the decision to give the $10 million in aid. They will head to Jordan on Saturday, while US ambassador to Syria Robert Ford will speak with the French government in Paris.

An official statement from the US Department of State said the "new funding will supply enough flour to bakeries in Aleppo to provide daily bread for approximately 210,000 people in need for the next five months."

The new assistance will bring total aid to Syria from the US to $220 million.

Many bakeries have closed because the Assad regime has cut off access to flour and fuel, noted the Weekly Standard. The State Department said the new aid program would focus on getting 50 bakeries running again in order to provide bread, a staple for Syrians, to those living in the communities.