Bolivia lawmakers arrested for alleged rape caught on security camera

Bolivian lawmakers Domingo Alcibia and Javier Humana were arrested after the alleged rape of a legislative hall employee was caught on a security camera.

According to the Associated Press, Alcibia and Humana were arrested Tuesday, a week after the video came to light. Prosecutors said they would be charged with abuse of power and misuse of public goods and services, but not with rape, as the woman, a janitor at the legislative hall, did not file charges against them.

Bolivian newspaper La Razon reported that the two men have been sent to San Roque prison while they await trial.

Women's rights groups in the country have demanded a criminal sexual assault investigation into the case. A small group of feminists has also been picketing outside the prosecutor's office in Sucre.

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"We are demanding that the prosecutor's office investigate the incident and if it is necessary we will be the ones to file a rape complaint," Patricia Branez of the Center for Women's Information and Development told the AP.

Authorities said the woman, who has not been identified, has left the city.