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Anti-Government Protesters March to Tahrir on Anniversary of Revolution


Activist and writer Nahla Samaha and her twin girls. (Photo provided by Nahla Samaha)

Friday marked the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution and once again anti-government protesters took to the streets.

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Writer and activist Nahla Samaha was among them.

Samaha didn't march on Tahrir Square two years ago, she was giving birth at the time to her twin girls. She did, however, watch the revolution unfold from her hospital room in Cairo.

"I actually thought why were these people wasting their time demonstrating or protesting? It's not like it's going to get them anywhere."

She continued to watch the revolution unfold from her TV set until last December when she watched the clashes at the presidential palace.

"That's when I decided to take to the streets."

Today, Samaha feels split about her dual roles as activist and mother. She talks with anchor Marco Werman about that divide and whether she and her family will stay in this new Egypt or leave for a more stable life.