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98-year-old woman gets life sentence for brutal murder


A 98-year old woman in India got a life sentence this week for dousing a man in kerosene and setting him on fire. He died of his injuries.



A 98-year-old woman in India and her son got life sentences Thursday for a brutal murder.

The two were accused of tying a man down and dousing him with kerosene before setting him on fire, said the Hindustan Times.

Justice in small-town India is apparently slow.

The grisly murder occurred in December 1996 and was reported by the nephew of the murdered man.

He accused the elderly women, her husband and son of commiting the murder, after both families had a romantic feud that remains unclear, reported the Times of India.

Since then, the elderly woman's husband has died.

They were also fined 5000 rupees.

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