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Baby thrown from car in Russia in heart-stopping crash caught on camera (VIDEO)


A spectacular car crash in Russia in which a baby is thrown from the vehicle was caught on camera.



Video has surfaced of a massive car crash on a Russian highway this week.

The video shows a spectacular crash between a car and transport truck in which a baby is flung from the vehicle.

Seconds later the baby is in the middle of the highway with another truck fast approaching.

Mercifully the truck swerves to miss the infant on the road.

ABC News said that the 53-year old driver was trying to overtake a vehicle but slid on ice when he crashed.

Instead of a car seat, the driver had apparently put the child in the open-air trunk.

After the crash, the driver leaps out to pick up the baby who suffered head injuries.

CBC News reported that many drivers in Russia install cameras on their dashboard to record accidents given that there are so many.