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Madrid metro hero saves woman on subway tracks (VIDEO)


A 38-year-old Spanish policeman is being hailed a hero after he jumped onto metro tracks in Madrid on Monday, January 21, 2012 to save a woman that had fainted.

Quick-thinking and bravery saved a woman in Madrid from serious injury after she fainted and fell onto subway tracks in Madrid on Monday.

Closed-circuit TV cameras captured 51-year-old Maria Luisa N. (her last name was withheld by police) falling face first onto the tracks, El Pais reported.

An off-duty police officer – who wanted to remain anonymous – ignored an approaching train and jumped from the platform to save her.

“I was looking at some notes when I heard a thud and a woman scream,” said the officer, who gave only his first name and initials, Reuben A.G.

“It wasn’t even a case of her having two minutes to spare, there were just 80 meters (240 feet) to spare.”

She was taken to hospital with minor injuries. She told reporters she only remembers feeling very hot, but nothing else.

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In the video released by Spanish police, Rueben can be seen walking a short distance to retrieve her. He picks her up, carries her to the other side of the station where other riders help pull them to safety.

A doctor at the station also helped treat her before paramedics took her to hospital.

“This is what we are for,” Reuben told Telemadrid TV news. “I guess we are policeman for a reason.”

The train managed to stop before entering the station, and then radio other trains about the potential danger.

Telemadrid also reported that Reuben, 38, saved a 4-year-old girl from drowning last July while vacationing in Croatia.