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Iraq: Car bombs across Baghdad kill 15


An Iraqi soldier stands close to a destroyed vehicle following a road side bomb on February 13, 2012. A car bomb near a police academy killed 20 police recruits in Baghdad on February 19, 2012.



A string of car bombs in and around Baghdad have killed at least 15 people and wounded more.

According to Iraqi police officials, cited by BBC News, the attacks began on Tuesday morning, when a parked car in the neighborhood of Mahmoudiya exploded. In the hours following the first explosion, two more attacks took place. A suicide car bomb in the northern Baghdad suburb of Taji killed six, and an explosion Shula killed four people.

No group has claimed responsibility, but Sunni militants in Iraq often launch attacks to destabilize the government, the Independent reported. 

Tuesday's attacks came after four days of calm in Iraq, following a spate of attacks that killed 88 people between Jan 15-17. Last week's attacks, which targetted Shiite pilgrims in the city are sure to fuel rising tension between Iraq's ethnic and sectarian groups.