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Brunost Cheese Burns, Makes Headlines in Scandinavia


Brunost is a soft brown cheese from Norway. (Photo: Andreas Solberg/Flickr)

For Tuesday's Geo Quiz, think about cheese.

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There are hundreds of cheeses around the world. Each, whether its hard, soft or full of holes, is associated with its place of origin.

Camembert, for example, was first made in Camembert, in northern France. Paneer is a fresh cheese that comes from the Indian subcontinent and feta is a brined curd cheese traditionally made in Greece.

So what about Brunost?

It is a brown, slightly sweet, caramel-tasting cheese made in several countries, but mostly it comes from one Scandinavian nation and that is the one we want you to name.

Norway is the answer to the Geo Quiz.

Anchor Marco Werman talks to Norwegian journalist Lars Bevanger, who describes the soft brown cheese and explains how it made headlines in Norway when a truck carrying 20 tons of the stuff caught fire and burned out of control, closing down traffic through an important roadway tunnel for days.