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Leopard hides inside woman's room in India


A leopard in India burst into a woman's home and got locked in her bedroom.


Frank Perry

A woman in India had an unexpected guest Sunday when a leopard strayed into her house.

Clemencia Lakra was startled when the leopard charged into her home in Jamshedpur in eastern India.

Lakra was just leaving for a walk with her dog when the leopard attacked.

Her dog was mauled and then the leopard fled inside.

The leopard had apparently come from a nearby jungle.

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The Times of India said that Forest Department officials spent eight hours trapping and then escorting the leopard away in a cage - that could not fit the animal.

The woman, who was described by the newspaper as "tribal" was beside herself because the leopard may have eaten her food prepared for her grandson's birthday.

The leopard will be freed back into the wild.