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Couples that sleep longer get along better, study says


A new study has found a link between getting adequate sleep and feeling appreciated in a relationship.


Carl Court

A new study has linked spousal happiness with sleep.

Researchers at UC Berkeley found that couples that do not get enough sleep often complain about the lack of appreciation they feel.

“Poor sleep may make us more selfish as we prioritize our own needs over our partner’s,” said study author Amie Gordon, a UC Berkeley psychologist, reported CBS News.

The study looked at the phenomenon "too tired to say thanks," which makes spouses feel unappreciated and unloved.

Researchers used 60 couples for the various experiments.

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One study was based purely on interviews with questions regarding sleep and feelings of appreciation from their partner, said the Daily News.

Another study looked at couples while they completed problem-solving tasks.

Those who slept less showed less appreciation when their partner helped them.

The answer to the problem is simple said Gordon, according to Science Blog.

“Make sure to say to say ‘thanks’ when your partner does something nice."

“Let them know you appreciate them.”

The findings were presented on Jan. 19 at the Society for Personality and Social Psychologists annual meeting in New Orleans.