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Great Weekend Reads

The Algeria hostage crisis took the world by storm, gay marriage finds a fight in France, and Jakarta is under water.

No matter how you cut it, it's been a big for the world. Here's a sampling of the news you may have missed.


The Great Divide: Global income inequality and its cost
Income inequality is surging and there are few countries where it is rising faster than in the United States. This Special Report was made possible with support from the Ford Foundation.


Algeria hostage crisis not over, while Mali fight intensifies (LIVE BLOG)
Though Algeria on Thursday said that its military hostage rescue mission had ended, Britain on Friday said that operations to recover hostages were still going. 



Same-sex marriage: Liberte, egalite, fraternite - also for French gays?
President Francois Hollande's gay marriage bill revives bitter debate over the rights of same-sex couples in France. 



Jackie Chan to America: “It’s not me. It’s you.”
Jackie Chan’s evolution toward a more vocal pro-Beijing stance has become more pronounced in both his movies and his politics.




Planet Pic: Jakarta floods
An unusually harsh barrage of rain and shoddy infrastructure have conspired to turn Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, into a disaster zone.




Raw Feed Diyarbakir: Kurds mourn murdered activisits, but support peace
Video: Of the thousands who gathered for the Kurdish activists funerals, many said they support peace talks with Turkey. 



Is this a great country? Or what?
Commentary: A pessimistic view of President Obama's second term.




South Korea in the red
Like their American counterparts, many South Koreans are swimming in household debt.  




Hollyworld: Gerard Depardieu releases pop song with daughter of Uzbek dictator
For your listening pleasure: Gulnara Karimova is the daughter of 74-year-old Islam Karimov who has ruled Uzbekistan for decades.