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Grizzly bear named Booboo on the loose in Florida


A grizzly cub named booboo has escaped from a facility in Florida.


Dani Pozo

An escaped grizzly bear is on the loose in southern Florida after escaping from a facility Tuesday.

Booboo the bear is roaming the woods near Naples, Fla. with officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hot on his trail.

They are warning not to approach the bear cub and to call authorities if he's spotted.

“Residents should remain calm, but pay attention to their surroundings,” said Mitts Mravic, of the Fish and Wildlife Commission, reported ABC News.

“If you see the bear, please do not approach it. Get indoors if you can, and call the Fish and Wildlife Commission or local law enforcement.”

The bear will not be at a loss for company as black bears live in the area, said the Christian Science Monitor.

However, booboo is brown and thus, will stand out from the crowd.

It is still unclear how the bear escaped.

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