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Armpit smell not found in 2% of people, study says


A new study has found that not only do some people not smell from their armpits but those same people also waste money on deodorant.


Scott Gries

You know those people who never seem to sweat?

Well, now there are those people whose armpits never smell according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Bristol found that the lack of a gene in certain people meant that their armpits don't smell.

The study looked at 6,495 women enrolled in a larger study known as the Children of the 90s, reported Medical News Today.

Those people who did not have the gene ABCC11 had no smell under their arms - ever. Lucky them.

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Scientists have already established this link but the current study was to find out if these people used deodorant or not - yes, seriously.

Turns out that 75 percent of people who don't smell, use deodorant anyway.

They also found that five percent of those people who did smell don't use deodorant (and for some reason they always sit next to you on the bus), said Smithsonian.

What did we learn from this study?

A few people who are lucky enough not to smell waste their money on Old Spice.

The findings were published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.