Science has had a pretty good run these last few centuries: immunology, space travel, the Higgs Boson. But there are still plenty of phenomena at the edge of our understanding. The Where, The Why, and The How is a sort of text book for grown-ups that addresses science's enduring mysteries. The book pairs artists and scientists to answer a range of weird questions: from "What is antimatter?" to "Why do we yawn?" On one side of the page, a scientist presents a formal explanation of the topic; on the other, an artist offers a visual interpretation. Rarely technical, the illustrations range from the whimsical to the abstract (see a slideshow below). "We were really inspired by the old scientific diagrams and drawings from the 1950s and earlier," says co-editor Julia Rothman, "when [scientists] were still figuring things out. We wanted to do a book like that – where things were mysterious and the artist could fill in the information themselves." Listener Challenge: Are We Alone in the Universe? Create an original illustration to answer the question. Your image can be as technical, impressionistic, or abstract as you see fit. Submit your illustration here    Slideshow: The Where, the Why, and the How

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