Kita Nago: Walking Across Haiti for Unity


Kita Nago (Photo: Harry Nicolas/YouTube)

The Geo Quiz takes us to Haiti this time, where an unusual event is taking place.

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It's a combination flashmob, religious pilgrimage, and parade, called Kita Nago.

But what exactly is this Kita Nago? And where's it going?

Participants say they're walking across Haiti, from the western tip of Haiti's southern peninsula, all the way to the country's northeast corner.

Their goal is to reach a city along the border with the Dominican Republic.

Can you name that city?

Well, the final destination of this pilgrimage is a Haitian city called Oanaminthe. Journalist Kathie Klarreich says all along the way Kita Nago is generating a buzz as thousands and thousands of people including politicians, dancers, musicians, and locals join in to be part of a new ritual that symbolizes national unity.