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Stargazers Discovering the UK's 'Dark Sky' Locations


Andromeda Galaxy (Photo: Dark Sky Discovery)

If you're a city dweller then you're probably familiar with light pollution. The brilliant lights of urban life can block out the light from distant stars.

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So stargazers in the UK have recently come up with a work-around. They're compiling a list of "dark sky" locations around England, Scotland, and Wales where anyone can go to enjoy a good view of the night sky.

Dan Hillier, a project leader with Dark Sky Discovery, spoke to us from the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, Scotland just before a night sky viewing event was getting underway.

He says dark sky discovery sites are "areas identified by the public as safe, accessible viewing spots where it is dark enough to view stars in the night sky," and places where people can enjoy first-hand experiences of astronomy in the company of friends, family and others from their local communities.