Pakistan roadside bomb kills 14 soldiers


Pakistani soldiers and a policeman near the final hideaout Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad on May 11, 2011, where bin Laden was killed in a US Naval Commandos special operation. Since bin Laden's death Pakistan has sent home more than two thirds of the 135 U.S. soldiers and recently expelled a team of British military trainers.


Aamir Qureshi

A roadside bomb killed as many as 14 Pakistani soldiers and wounded 20 others in the northern border region of North Waziristan on Sunday.

The explosion, one of the deadliest ever in the lawless tribal area bordering Afghanistan, hit the military convoy on a road about 30 miles south of the provincial capital of Miranshah, Reuters reported.

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It completely destroyed two vehicles and heavily damaged a third.

No one immediately claimed responsibility, although Taliban militants have a stronghold there and frequently attack security forces in the area, AFP reported.

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Thousands of Pakistani soldiers are stationed in North Waziristan.

It's been a major trouble spot for the Pakistani military and a sore spot between Pakistan and the United States.

The US has pressed Pakistan to launch an attack against insurgents there, but Pakistani officials worry about a possible backlash from the groups safeguarded there and have so far refused, The Associated Press reported.