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'There is no more beautiful urban space'


People and children enjoy sunbathing and refreshing by the Trocadero fountains on Oct. 19, 2014 in Paris.



You may not agree with GlobalPost writer Alex Besant's contention that "there is no more beautiful urban space" than Paris.

But you can't say he hasn't done his research. The globe-trotting Besant first explored the city at 16, all alone, relishing the new experiences. Years later, he's a seasoned traveler of France (and many other countries).

Hence, his top five travel tips.

"Lesson #1: Find a regular spot — even for a few days."

He also encourages unabashed exploration.

"Lesson #2: take a bus/train to the outskirts of the city and walk in. Lesson #3 for seeing a city properly: Visit the ghetto. Forget ppl who say it's poverty tourism. Ppl should not live in fantasyland."

Do you agree? What are your best travel tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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