New island surfaces off German Coast


German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the proud mother Germany's newest territorial gain.


Johannes Eisele

Germany literally had a baby.

The small, 34-acre island 16 miles off the German coast appeared rapidly, geographically speaking — emerging from the water over about 10 years.

"The fact that in just a few years a new island is formed is very impressive," Detlef Hansen, employee of the neighboring Wadden Sea National Park, told the Telegraph. "For conservationists this is anything but ordinary."

The island's name is Norderoogsand, or Bird Island, named for the flocks often found on the island, according to the Australian. Its sand dunes are about 16 feet high, and it's now home to dozens of plant species.

But Norderoogsand is not yet a permanent addition to Germany's North Sea coast. The Telegraph notes that new sandbanks in the Wadden Sea are common, and a strong winter storm could destroy the island.

But it's already survived a few winters. Let's hope it stays healthy and avoids erosion.