Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou (C) shakes hands with a food stall worker in Keelung City on Jan. 11, 2012.
Credit: Aaron Tam

Read this if you're traveling to Taiwan. But if you just got back, it's too late.

Baishawan restaurant, a famous destination in Taitung County, Taiwan, intentionally fed leftovers to more than 10,000 tourists, according to the China Daily.

The discovery came after a former restaurant employee made a 14-minute video revealing the unsavory practice.

The anonymous employee said the restaurant recycled dinner scraps, remaking them into new dishes presented as fresh meals to unwitting tourists from China's mainland.

"This is the personal behavior of the manager, deputy general manager of Pak Sha Wan Lin Shuyun," said manager Lu Hao Wen, according to LiveLeak.

In response, Taiwan's health authority closed the restaurant for what the China Daily called "internal rectification."

Here's a short video (in Mandarin) that supposedly catches the restaurant at work.

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