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Personal stomach pump lets you eat anything you want and lose weight (VIDEO)


Doctors have invented a personal stomach pumps that you squeeze directly from your stomach into the toilet.


Aspire Bariatrics

Doctors have invented a personal stomach pump that lets people eat whatever they want.

The pump, called the AspireAssist device, is inserted in the stomach and removes about 30 percent of the food that's consumed before it turns into excess calories and fat.

The rest is dumped into the toilet about 20 minutes after the meal straight from the so-called "skin port."

The port is a release valve that connects the stomach with a plastic bag on the outside where the undigested food is pumped.

As the food is released (discretely) into the toilet before digestion, it is not converted into fat.

The device was tested over a year on 24 obese patients.

Researchers say that the patients lost on average half their excess weight, or about 45 pounds, reported Medical News Today.

The doctors acknowledge the device's methods are rather off-putting. but insist that it's worth the discomfort.

"Some people manage to lose weight on a diet, but the kinds of changes you need to make to keep it off are probably not sustainable for many," Katherine Crothall, president and CEO of Aspire Bariatrics, reported ABC News.

"There's a lot to be said for people being in the driver's seat with their own body, with their own health. This allows a patient to do that while under the care of a physician."

The device was invented by Dean Kamen, who is also known for patenting the Segway, said Popsci.