Stamatis Moraitis was born in Evdilos, Ikaria, in 1915. (Photo: Dave O'Neill)

For our Geo Quiz, we're looking for the secret to a long life. The secret to longevity could be in a person's genes, or maybe it's all about exercise and eating right. But what if has something to do with where you live? Health researchers have looked at communities in Okinawa, Japan and on the Italian island of Sardinia for example. In these so-called 'blue zones' people typically live longer and in better health than the rest of us. Can you name a small Greek island where residents live 10 years longer – on average – than other Europeans? This island's also famous in Greek mythology. It's named after the teenager who plunged into the Aegean Sea after flying too close to the sun. For centuries, the natural hot springs on the Greek island of Ikaria (or Icaria) have attracted healthy minded visitors. Perhaps the best evidence of this island's health is its 8,000 residents. More than twice as many people living on the island reach the age of 90 as in the US. The BBC's Andrew Bomford recently visited the Greek island to find out what their secret to long life is. What's your secret to living a long life?

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