Bipartisan: How often do presidents reach across the aisle? (INFOGRAPHIC)


How many times have presidents in the last two decades reached across the aisle to make appointments?


Mark Wilson

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President Barack Obama officially nominated Republican Chuck Hagel for the secretary of defense position on Monday.

GlobalPost took a look at how often presidents in the last two decades have nominated members of the opposing party for positions within their administrations.

KYLE KIM/GlobalPost.

Here is a closer look at each president's nominations, with appointments to the US cabinet and Federal Reserve chairmanship in bold.

George H. W. Bush (R) appointed:

Dennis B. Ross                 Director of the State Dept. Policy Planning Staff

Griffin Bell                         Commission on Federal Ethics Law Reform

Robert Strauss                  Ambassador to Soviet Union/Russia

Richard Stone                   Ambassador to Denmark

Bill Clinton (D) appointed:

Michael Chertoff               US Attorney for the District of New Jersey

Roger W. Johnson            GSA Administrator

John Negroponte              Ambassador to the Philippines

Julie Belaga                     Board of Directors of the Export Import Bank

Alan Greenspan               Chairman of the Federal Reserve

William Cohen                Secretary of Defense

George W. Bush (R) appointed:

John Dilulio                       Director of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

Tom Schieffer                   Ambassador to Australia/Japan

Norman Mineta                Secretary of Transportation

Paul F. McHale, Jr.           Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense

Richard Carmona              Surgeon General

R. David Paulison             Federal Emergency Management Agency

Lanny Davis                     Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board

Pete Geren                       Secretary of the Army

Zell Miller                         American Battle Monuments Commission member

Diane Farrell                     Board of Directors of the Export Import Bank

Barack Obama (D) appointed:

Ray LaHood                      Secretary of Transportation

Robert Gates                     Secretary of Defense

Jon Huntsman, Jr.              Ambassador to China

John M. McHugh                Secretary of the Army

Jim Leach                          Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities

Chuck Hagel                       Co-Chair of President’s Intelligence Advisory Board/Secretary of Defense

Douglas Kmiec                   Ambassador to Malta

Larry Pressler                     US Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad

Ben Bernanke                     Chairman of the Federal Reserve

Jerome H. Powell                Federal Reserve Board of Governors