Philippines shooting kills pregnant woman, six others


A shooting rampage in the Philippines left eight dead near Manila on Friday.


Jay Directo

A gunman killed seven people Friday after rampaging through the streets of the town of Kawit near Manila.

The former local political candidate ran through the streets shooting people at random, killing a pregnant woman and a seven-year-old girl.

He also critically wounded his four-year-old godson and a two-year old baby, said the Wall Street Journal.

The pregnant woman was shot in the stomach killing her and the fetus.

The shooter, Ronald Bae, was shot and killed by police during the killing spree.

He was said to have been drinking heavily the night before, reported BBC.

Other reports say that he was on a drug and alcohol binge with his friends since Monday.

It is believed that Bae had once run unsuccessfully for local village chief.

CBC reported that he had left Kawit after losing the election but had recently returned to deal with a "marital problem."

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Bae was said to have an accomplice with some reports stating that a friend helped him reload his weapon for him.

His motive remains unclear.

The murders happened just a few days after the death of a young girl from a stray bullet on New Year's eve.

The recent tragedies have reinvigorated the debate about the large number of unlicensed handguns circulating in the country.