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Great Weekend Reads

White House photographer Pete Souza takes us behind the scenes at the White House, Britain becomes a bona fide melting pot, and Hugo Chavez's illness has Venezuelan politicians standing at the ready.

No matter how you cut it, it's been a big first week of 2013 for the world. Here's a sampling of the news you may have missed.


US journalist missing in Syria
American James Foley has been missing in northwest Syria for six weeks.





Will Myanmar's war refugees be forced home against their will?
Plans proceed to return them to their still-unruly homeland.






British look in the mirror, shocked by what they see
Blame it on austerity: Immigration is transforming the UK, just as xenophobia pressures politicians to tighten immigration policy. 





Will Japan retract its sex slave apology?
Japan's new prime minister hints he'll revise landmark sex slave statement, replacing the WWII apology with a "forward looking statement." 





Venezuela on the verge of crisis over Chavez's health
Analysis: As the Venezuelan president battles complications after a cancer operation in Cuba, politicians look poised to fill the power void. 





Two hospitals in Haiti tell different stories
Mirebalais' new world-class facility contrasts sharply with Port-au-Prince's crumbling general hospital. 




Planet Pic: Behind the scenes at the White House in 2012
White House photographer Pete Souza documented the quiet moments, smiles and solemnity in President Obama's year.





The Earth Project: Electric Solutions (VIDEO)
Solar cookers are reducing deforestation in Madagascar.






Narwhal smuggling ring busted by American and Canadian authorities
Canadian and American smugglers have trafficked narwhal tusks into the US for nearly a decade, charging thousands for the illegal ivory.