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Canadian man brutally beaten for his wild game sausage


Sausages are displayed for sale at a stall in Manila on October 16, 2011.


Jay Directo

David Carlton, of Canadian town Parry Sound, was walking home when he was brutally beaten for a package of wild game sausage he was carrying.

According to the Canadian Press, Carlton, 49, attended the wild game dinner at the Bobby Orr Community Centre, where he purchased some sausage. He then walked over to a Don Cherry's Sports Grill to meet his boss, work crew and a few local contractors.

While later walking home, Carlton was attacked by two men who had been at the bar as well, reported Cottage Country Now.

"Broken upper jaw, broken nose, they shoved the sinus bone up into my brain and now I got to be very careful because it's prone to infection. He broke my dentures, of course, and the orbit around the eye is fractured," Carlton said of the injuries he sustained from the attack.

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When the assailants fled the scene, Carlton was able to stumble back to the Don Cherry's Sports Grill. Patrons there, who knew him well, said his face was so damaged they didn't recognized him.

Not long after the attack, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) were led to a home where they found a man cooking sausage while wearing bloodstained clothes, said, Cottage Country Now.

Matthew Grant, 21, is charged with assault causing bodily harm and robbery, noted the Post. Brandon Deacon faces counts of possession of stolen property, robbery with violence and theft. Deacon was arrested today and will appear in court Friday, while Grant is scheduled to appear Jan. 10.