US plane stuck in Iran for weeks


The "low-cost, long-endurance" ScanEagle drone, as pictured on Boeing's website.


Due to technical problems a small US passenger plane was forced to land in Iran, and has been near Ahvaz for almost three weeks, according to Iranian airport director Mahmoud Rasoulinejad, Reuters reported.

"After landing, the crew traveled on to countries around the Persian Gulf and the plane is currently being repaired," he said. The nationality of the crew is unknown. 

The news, according to the Associated Press, was first reported by Mehr, a semi-official Iranian news agency. It's unclear why Iran waited three weeks to break the news.

Though the incident is hardly scandalous, it does recall the not a few instances when the US has lost top-secret spy drones inside the country. In early December the Revolutionary Guard claimed capture of a US drone

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