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Spicy mala soup burns hole in stomach of Chinese man


A Chinese man is recovering after eating a bowl of mala soup so spicy that it burned a hole right through his stomach.



No amount of Pepto-Bismol could calm the fire in one Chinese man's stomach after eating a notoriously spicy soup.

The mala soup, a traditional Chinese dish that means "numbing hot," burned a hole right through the stomach of the 26-year-old man, Asian News International reported.

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The soup gets its name from the numbing sensation produced by its ingredients, which usually include Sichuan pepper, local spices and chili pepper, according to The Huffington Post.

The man ordered the spiciest version of the dish, and was rushed to a local hospital after experiencing sharp pains and vomiting blood.

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Doctors found a hole in the wall of his stomach, and declared the soup was to blame, The Daily Mail reported.