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Great Weekend Reads

The 2012 US Election, the Year of the Dragon, Psy and Boko Haram.

No matter how you cut it, 2012 has been a big year for the world. Here's a sampling of the most important people and stories from 2012 and a look at some of the news you may have missed from this week.


The 2,012 words of 2012
Here are the buzzwords, the keywords, or just plain words, that were uttered time and time againe in 2012.





Special Report: The Great Divide
Surging income inequality has turned the United States into one of the most divided developed countries on the planet. 





2012: The political annus horribilis
A look back at a year of trauma, tragedy, and the worst presidential campaign ever.




2012 was a banner year for Boko Haram, but not for Nigerians

If the goal was carnage, Boko Haram has had its best year ever.







People of the year 2012 (PHOTOS)
GlobalPost asked its editors and correspondents to nominate their "person of the year." Some were inspiring, some were notorious, some entertaining and some powerful.




Brazilians head home for a taste of the BRIC boom

After losing her job in Boston, a Harvard grad rolls the dice in her native South American boomtown.





How 2012 changed China
The Year of the Dragon was supposed to be particularly lucky and momentus, charged with auspicious signs of change.





Italian elections may decide euro's fate
It's Monti vs. Berlusconi as Yuletide sparring launches campaign. 






Planet Pic: A history of the gingerbread house
It is not Christmas at the White House without a jaw-dropping gingerbread house.