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Rumours of Whitney Houston drug murder swirl in tabloid media


Rumors are swirling that Whitney Houston was killed by drug dealers to whom she owed millions.


Rory Storm

Whitney Houston was murdered by a drug dealer she owed money to says a private investigator in the National Enquirer.

The PI, Paul Huebl, told the tabloid that he has uncovered evidence that two men entered the hotel Houston was staying at the night she died and killed her.

“I have evidence that points to Whitney being a victim of high-powered drug dealers who sent thugs to collect a huge debt she owed for drugs,” he told the National Enquirer, according to KTLA.

An Los Angeles coroner's report said that there was no foul play in her death. 

The report said that she drowned accidentally after mixing numerous drugs including marijuana, Xanax and cocaine.

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Huebl said that he has CCTV footage that shows two men, supposedly the murderers, entering the hotel just before her death.

He believes the men came to collect on a $1.5 million drug debt and subsequently drowned Houston.

Despite the coroner's report saying otherwise, the PI said that photos of Whitney's body show that she had signs of defensive wounds.

Fox News said that Huebl had given his evidence to the FBI to have the case reopened.

Huebl said that the day before her death Houston received cocaine but was overhead saying, “I’m tired of this sh*t," possibly referring to being harassed over the debt she owed.

The issue of the Enquirer will hit newsstands on Thursday.