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Endangered species condoms given away to raise awareness


The Center for Biological Diversity in Tucson is giving out free condoms with images of endangered species on the wrapper.


Center for Biological Diversity

The Center for Biological Diversity is giving away condoms that serve two very distinct purposes.

The first is obvious but the second purpose is to raise awareness about endangered species.

The condom wrappers have various endangered animals on them with messages to make one think of the poor creatures before sexual stimulation.

Center campaign director, Jerry Karnas, said that the idea is to raise awareness, particularly among a younger demographic.

“There are more than 3 billion people on the planet under the age of 25. The choices this generation makes will determine whether our planet and its wildlife and natural resource base are burdened with 8 billion or 15 billion people," said Karnas, reported Technorati.

“Our Endangered Species Condoms are a great way to get a conversation started about how the growing human population is affecting the wild world around us, especially animals already teetering on the edge of extinction.”

The Tucson-based group is handing out 50,000 of the condoms at colleges, nightclubs and health centers across the country.

They have been handing out the prophylactics since 2009 and have estimated to have distributed more than 450,000 of them, said the Arizona Daily Star.

Along with gaining media attention, the condoms also serve another purpose: to control the human population.

“The evidence is mounting, and the solutions are at hand if only we’re just willing to start talking about them,” Karnas said, according to Technorati

“Universal access to birth control, a rapid transition to clean energy, robust land-acquisition programs and much smarter growth policies can combine to forge a future for wildlife and a high quality of life for people."

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