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Shark tank breaks inside Chinese mall (VIDEO)


Shoppers at Shanghai Orient Shopping Center in China run as they realize the mall's aquarium burst, sending 33 tons of water and three sharks flooding toward them.



A shark tank broke last week, sending 33 tons of water and three lemon sharks flooding into a Chinese mall.

The tank's 5.9-inch acrylic glass cracked, then burst inside the Shanghai shopping center, injuring 15 shoppers and killing the three sharks, according to Gizmodo. Most of those injured suffered "deep cuts and bruises" because of flying glass, a police spokesman said.

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The spontaneous bust happened on Dec. 19 at the Shanghai Orient Shopping Center, where the aquarium was installed two years ago. Gizmodo also reported that the shopping center has announced it is planning to rebuild the popular attraction; Deadspin, however, quoted a spokesman for the mall as saying "they are not going to build an aquarium again in the future."

Video of the bursting tank caught by CCTV cameras can be seen below: