Chinese school children are rammed by combustible car


This picture taken on December 18, 2012 shows students and a teacher (2nd R) trying to stop an attacker (R) during a drill on a mock attack at a primary school in Jinan, in eastern China's Shandong province. The drill came four days after a knife-wielding attacker stabbed 22 students at a primary school in the central Chinese province of Henan on December 14 in the latest in a series of assaults.



A 48-year-old man ran down a group of 23 schoolchildren in China's Hebei Province on Wednesday, seriously injuring 13 of the youngsters, and causing minor injuries for the other 10 victims.

Xinhua reports that suspect Yin Tiejun's daughter had been murdered three years ago, and he was enraged after a court failed to sentence her murderers to death. He proceeded to commit the attack on the students, and tried to burn his van after smashing into the children.

Xinhua added that although gasoline and firecrackers were found in the van, they don't seem to have been intended for use in the attack.

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The BBC reports the unsuspecting children had left their school for a lunch break when they were attacked, and that Tieujun denies he intended to use the gasoline or the explosives in the incident.

The schoolchildren's injuries include a fractured skull, broken feet, and damaged eyes, added Xinhua.

Hebei's incident joins other recent attacks on schoolchildren in China, presenting a disturbing pattern of violence.

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Earlier in December, a mentally disturbed man injured 22 children with a knife in Henan, causing a series of gruesome injuries but no fatalities, reported the BBC.

In August, an enraged teenager killed nine and injured four others in a knife attack in Northeast China, reported AFP, in an incident apparently sparked by an argument with his girlfriend.