Jacintha Saldanha was found dead days after taking a hoax call at a hospital where Kate Middleton was staying.

Jacintha Saldanha, the British-Indian nurse who committed suicide after being prank called by two Australian radio hosts about the Duchess of Cambridge, suffered from depression and had tried to kill herself twice before, according to reports.

Saldanha, 46, was found dead on Dec. 7 in her lodgings near King Edward VII's Hospital in London, where the duchess was treated for acute morning sickness.

She had put through a prank phone call from Sydney DJs Michael Christian and Mel Greig, pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles inquiring about the duchess, who then obtained confidential information from other hospital staff.

According to Indian and British media, Saldanha attempted suicide on December 30 with an overdose of pills during a family visit to India.

The London Daily Mail reported Sunday that Saldanha survived after being rushed to hospital but tried to take her own life nine days later by jumping from a building.

Meanwhile, India's Deccan Herald newspaper reported that Ms Saldanha had been hospitalized after twice trying to commit suicide within the space of nine days, during a family holiday in India last December and January.

The first time she was taken to a private hospital in Mangalore after an overdose of pills. The second time she was taken to Father Muller Medical College Hospital in the same city with head injuries after apparently jumping from a building.

Deccan Herald said Saldanha was diagnosed as suffering a ''depressive disorder''. She received psychiatric treatment in hospital and was prescribed anti-depressants.

According to the Australian newspaper, London police said Sunday that the two DJs — Mel Greig and Michael Christian — could be charged with attempting to obtain medical details by deception.

The radio station could also face a charge if it were found to have broadcast the prank without the permission of the participants.

London's Metropolitan Police — also known as Scotland Yard — had sent a file to the Crown Prosecution Service.

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