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Piranha may have the world's strongest bite


Researchers said that the black piranha may have the world's strongest bite.



The black piranha may have the world's strongest bite say scientists.

Researchers at George Washington University found that the powerful bite was likely due to its jaw bone and large muscles.

They measured the fish's bite in Newtons - a unit that measures kilograms per meter per second squared.

The black piranha bite was 320 Newtons. That's 30 times its own bodyweight.

The Daily Mail said that it's a feat that's unmatched in the natural world.

Though other animals might have a more deadly bite, the piranha is still the champion when controlling for body size.

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The fish's bite is three to four times mightier than that of a Great White shark.

The small fish even outperform ancient reptiles like the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Discovery News said that this was the first live measurement of a piranha bite given the danger involved.

The piranhas are about 15 inches long and are typically found in South American rivers.

The study was published in Scientific Reports.