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North Korea video game 'Pyongyang Racer' a surprise hit (VIDEO)


A screengrab of North Korea's first video game, "Pyongyang Racer."

It's no "Grand Theft Auto," but North Korea's first video game is scoring big online.

Developed by a Western company, the browser-based "Pyongyang Racer" game lets users drive the near-empty streets of Pyongyang.

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The objective? Collect fuel in the form of petrol barrels to keep your car running while trying to avoid the one or two NON-MOVING parked cars you see on the streets, according to Slate.

You can honk your horn. And occasionally you get a warning from one of the city's cute traffic girls. But that's about it.

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Sure, it's weird and super depressing, but online hipsters can't seem to get enough of it.

The site has had trouble staying up, and has even gone down in the middle of games.

Koryo Tours, a British-owned travel agency that books trips to North Korea, commissioned "Pyongyang Racer," which was developed by a company called Nosotek that bills itself as the "first Western IT venture" in North Korea, according to Atlantic Wire.

"This game was developed in 2012 and is not intended to be a high-end technological wonder hit game of the 21st century, but more a fun race game (arcade style) where you drive around in Pyongyang and learn more about the sites and get a glimpse of Pyongyang," Koryo Tours said on the game's website.