Fish heads at Tokyo's Tsukiji market, the biggest fish market in the world.
Credit: Justin McCurry

Unsurprisingly, Japan is home to the world's largest fish market: Tsukiji, in Tokyo.

What's the next best thing to visiting? Exploring the market's sights and sounds with GlobalPost's @AFridayIn, guided by our own resident expert in all things Japanese, Justin McCurry. His photos of unusual delicacies, videos of butchers at work, and audio clips of market-goers bargaining for the day's catch took us right to the scene — and sure made us hungry. Check out his tweets below for the full experience.

GlobalPost's @AFridayIn Twitter feed showcases the voices and personal experiences of our correspondents based around the world each week. A different correspondent takes over the @AFridayIn account each Friday and tweets about his or her travels and daily activities.

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