Tel Aviv bus bomb suspect planted explosive a day after 18th birthday


The Tel Aviv bus bombing suspect Muhammad Mafarji was alleged to have planted the bomb and then returned to work at McDonald's.


Jack Guez

Tel Aviv bus bombing suspect Muhammad Mafarji planted the bomb just a day after his 18th birthday.

Twenty four people were injured in the bombing which took place on the last day of the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Mafarji was indicted in Tel Aviv court on Wednesday and it was said the bus bombing was a trial run for the young terrorist.

He faces multiple charges including attempted murder and aiding the enemy during wartime, which could get him a life sentence in prison.

The indictment outlined the teenager's life and motives before the attack.

According to Ynet it said that he attended Bir Zeit University in the West Bank and lived with his uncle.

During the recent Israeli operation in Gaza he told a grocery store owner near his house that he wanted to join Hamas in their fight.

The store owner, Ahmed Mussa, was accused of giving Mafarji the bomb and instructed him to plant it on a bus in Tel Aviv, said the Times of Israel.

The last day of Operation Pillar of Defense Jafari picked up the bomb from Mussa.

He made his way to Tel Aviv from the town of Modiin in Israel and then planted it.

The shop owner was then informed and immediately detonated the bomb with his cell phone.

The bus was packed with dozens of people.

Mafarji then returned to McDonald's in Modiin where he worked and was arrested just five hours later.

The Jerusalem Post reported that he confessed to the crime after being interrogated by Shin Bet officials.