Dead Dutch skydiver found 9 days after jump


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Karim Sahib

A Dutch skydiver lay dead in a field for more than a week after his parachute failed to open during a jump.

Investigators now believe he may have killed himself.

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The body of Mark van den Boogaard was discovered by chance by rabbit hunters near the skydiving club he belonged to, The Mirror reported.

Investigators are now trying to determine why his body lay undetected for nine days.

The Nationaal Paracentrum skydiving club, the largest such club in the Netherlands, told BBC News it didn't launch a search because most skydivers don't usually report back after their jumps.

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The 48-year-old Boogaard's family had been notified, but apparently he was not close to his relatives.

He also lived alone and was self-employed, a possible reason he may not have been reported missing, according to The Mirror.

Dutch police told public broadcaster Omroep Brabant that they believe Boogaard, a skilled skydiver, may have committed suicide.

No foul play is suspected, and there was nothing wrong with the parachute itself, police said.