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Helping Child Survivors: Lessons from Dunblane


A memorial plate with the names of the 1996 Dunblane Primary School shooting victims is seen in the garden of the school in Dunblane, Scotland December 17, 2012. Of all the world's prayers being offered to the stricken U.S. community of Newtown, few will carry the emotional weight of those from Dunblane, the small Scottish town that still bears the scars of Britain's worst school massacre. REUTERS/David Moir (BRITAIN - Tags: CRIME LAW DISASTER SOCIETY)



It was March 1996.

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A 43-year-old man named Thomas Hamilton walked into a primary school in the central Scotland town of Dunblane, and shot to death 16 kindergarten-age children and their teacher.

Philip Dutton is a clinical psychologist.

He worked with the young survivors of the Dunblane shootings.

Dutton speaks with anchor Marco Werman about treating child survivors.