Asteroid to Earth: I'll be back (VIDEO)


A computer-generated view of Asteroid 4179 Toutatis, using observations by a NASA observatory in California.



A potentially catastrophic asteroid hurtled toward Earth on December 12-13, but missed by about 4.3 million miles so instead opted for a photo op, said the Huffington Post

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The 4179 Toutatis asteroid was photographed as it made a pass at our planet, a collision which would have oblitered everyone. 

But we're all still here. And the gigantic roving piece of space rock won't be back until November 2069, NASA said, reported the Huffington Post

Scientists captured the asteroid's flight in order to study it more closely, and already report finding "some interesting bright glints that could be surface boulders," according to the NASA news release

Scientists have a lot to study given the immense size of the asteroid -- some three miles wide.

"By comparison," the Huffington Post said, "the asteroid which doomed the dinosaurs to extinction was about six miles across." 

Very heartening. Anyway, here's the NASA video of the 4179 Toutatis: