Libya's Benghazi: 4 police killed in attack


People gather around the remains of car which exploded near the headquarters of Libya's rebels in their eastern bastion of Benghazi late on May 3, 2011.


Saeed Khan

Libya's Interior Ministry said four policemen were killed in a rocket-propelled grenade attack on a security unit in Benghazi today, reported the Associated Press

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Police spokesman Khaled Hidar told Reuters the attack sparked an exchange of fire. 

"It was a long battle," Hidar said. "Three other policemen were severely injured." 

Another police spokesman, Ezzedine al-Fazani, told AP the violence was believed tied to the arrest of a man accused of being involved with an assassination attempt of a security chief last month.

The police chief in question was killed last month, according to Reuters

Fazani told AP the attackers seemed to aiming for a nearby detention center in which the man is being held.