Piers Morgan gun control show leads to raging debate (VIDEO)


Television personality Piers Morgan speaks at a Children's Hospital Los Angeles benefit on May 4, 2012, in Beverly Hills, California.


Frazer Harrison

It might be an outsider, Englishman Piers Morgan, who finds himself in the center of a uniquely American debate about gun control.

The CNN host, no stranger to the gun debate, steamed headlong into the issue again on Friday night after the Newtown, Conn., shooting that left 26 dead, including 20 schoolchildren.

Speaking on his “Piers Morgan Tonight” to a panel that included voices from both sides of the issue, Morgan challenged gun lobbyists to explain how more guns and less legislation would make America safer.

“Why on Earth would you want more guns in schools after what’s happened today?” he asked Michigan lawyer and NRA member Steve Dulan.

Dulan’s answer – the only way to stop a gun-toting maniac “is to shoot him” only enraged Morgan.

“This is exactly the argument that I have been hearing ever since I joined CNN,” said Morgan, a long-time print journalist and TV host from England. “The argument I keep hearing is well if everybody else was armed, it wouldn’t happen. It’s a load of total hogwash.”

Author John Lott, who penned “More Guns, Less Crime,” said that laws will lead to more deaths.

“I’m upset, because I worry that the gun control laws that you’re pushing, have killed people,” he said.

While a winner of numerous journalism awards, who became the youngest daily newspaper editor in England at age 28, Morgan wasn’t about to remain objective.

“Oh what a load of nonsense,” Morgan said. “I’m so frustrated. I’m so furious that these kids have been blown away again with legally acquired weapons. Some boy, who’s got problems, takes his mother’s three weapons – including this ridiculous assault rifle – and goes in a school and kills these kids, and you guys on the gun lobby still want to tell me the answer is more guns. It is madness.”

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