In America, gay and lesbians have more legal rights than ever before. Don't Ask Don't Tell has come to an end. Domestic partnerships are legal in over a dozen states. And as of November 2012, couples can marry in nine states, plus Washington D.C. But despite this, gay people face a litany of challenges in the United States, including adopting children. The new film "Any Day Now" explores these challenges. Based on a true story, it follows a gay couple that takes in a neglected child and fights to remain the child's legal guardians. Opening on December 14, "Any Day Now" has already attracted accolades and awards, including the Audience Award at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. Alan Cumming stars as Rudy, a man who longs to be legally recognized as a father, in the film. Jennifer Chrisler is executive director of the Family Equality Council, which works to eliminate anti-GLBT discrimination in foster care and adoption. The organization was invited to review the script of "Any Day Now" and follow its production.